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The General’s Connection presents: Ayamarca Festival of the Dead


Had the pleasure to attend and capture The General’s Connection Presents: Ayamarca: Festival of the Dead.

Fire performances, dancing, live bands, stilts, contests, Burlesque, Gorlesque (I knew this existed, didn’t know what it was called) Alt Culture in general. The face painting was pretty cool, love the “Dia de los Muertos” look, the Catrina look on people. This is just one part of Calgary’s diverse art scene that a lot of people don’t know about.

Jenavive – Thug Boy Live at the U of C Gig Club

Had the chance to shoot a live performance of local band Jenavive at the BSD Rock Up at the UofC’s That Empty Space. The lighting guy there was pretty awesome.


If you’re in a band or a solo artist and you’re interested in capturing your live performances or shooting your music video, hit me up on my contact page and get some more info.

SMBYYC #32 – Exploring Digital Storytelling

Exploring Digital Storytelling
The Calgary Social Media Breakfast (SMBYYC) is pleased to host a panel of film industry experts, who will discuss the challenges of digital storytelling. With the “Calgary International Film Festival” starting this week, we are pleased to have participation from industry experts to discuss challenges and answer audience questions.
Post discussion, the panel will answer audience questions in an interactive Q&A.

hangarcatfilms demo main

Hangarcat Films Demo – Main from Sebastian Salazar on Vimeo.

Hangarcat Films is a video production company based out of Calgary, AB Canada.

Hangarcat Films makes short films, feature films, television, documentaries, music videos, corporate videos, web videos and more.

Hangarcat Films has in house production services that are consistent with industry standards. Screen writing, production, script breakdown, scheduling, pre-production, directing, logistics, planning, social media.

Hangarcat Films habla Español.