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Paying it forward

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I’m getting rid of the lights I used to shoot video and I wanted to pay it forward. I’m looking for a young indie filmmaker who has more ideas than money. If the only thing that’s stopping you from making your movie is a couple of lights, I have just what you need.

-4 clip lights

-4x 60W bulbs (rated at 6500K)

-White fabric to diffuse

-Plenty of C-47’s


Contact me here. Local only.

Hangarcatfilms is now Hangarcatmedia


Hangarcatfilms is now Hangarcatmedia, We do audio, video, social media and design. We’ve actually been doing it for years now. Podcasts, audio production for the web, film television, live streaming, web video, graphic design, photography, social media content production and community managing. we do it all. Check out to see what we do.

What video does within 2 days…

Video Metrics Numbers
Here’s the numbers. What video does within 2 days. Immediate impact on a facebook page with little traffic. Think about what it could do for your social networks. Let’s talk video for social.

1-2 likes ➡ 26 likes
<1 shares ➡ 43 shares
261 post engagements (112% ⬆)
5.9K reach (567%⬆)
9+ likes to page (50%⬆)
804 Minutes viewed
(7% sound on, 93% off)
2.1K Organic views.

Vlog_14 | OUCH!!!!

Vlog_14 | OUCH!!!!

In which I pay off a debt to an offering I made a long time ago..

Music: Josh Kirsch – Zen Valley

Thanks to Francis and Bleeding Rose Tattoo for helping me make this happen!

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Vlog_13 | I tried to speak Dolphin

Vlog_13 | I tried to speak Dolphin

In which I attempt to communicate with a non human person and I find out I’m not at the top of the food chain in the water either.. Goodbye Cuba!

Music: Sabor a Cuba – Lambada

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