Jet Fuel Documentary

Hangarcatfilms is providing video services for JET FUEL Movie, a documentary. Filming for two weeks, travelling over 9000 km on a van (YYC-YWG-ORD-PHX-LAS-DEN-YYC) two cousins will be talking to Winnipeg Jets Fans all across North America, capturing their stories and learning about the collective 16 year wait for the return of the Winnipeg Jets.

Check out to get the skinny.

and follow the trip on:



The #jetfuelmovie conversation on Twitter

and the Jetfuel and Winnipeg Whiteout Facebook Pages.

There will be constant updates on the location of the vehicle and any adventures that the two cousins will have. If you see the vehicle in your town, c’mon over and say hi!


    • Minerva says:

      I’m not going to lie I was hoping for a name chngae. I think this team needed its own identity and it wasn’t going to get that by being called the Jets. Look at other cities that lost and regained teams non of them kept the name. Minnesota, Atlanta, and Colorado went for the fresh new start. But then again maybe that’s just me.

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