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Kickstarter video for Lovecraft Gallery

Had the pleasure of working with these two ladies for their kickstarter campaign for their artist gallery. It’s an incredible project, focused on independent artists, cultivating their craft in Calgary and helping them make it sustainable. If Calgary wants to grow as a cultural hub, it needs to encourage the growth of places like this.


Check out Lovecraft Gallery.

A week in Production..

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The past week has been a flurry of activity. Being in video production has taken me to many interesting places.. You can’t say the job is boring. This is but a brief recap of what and who I’ve had the chance to work with:

  • In Lake Louise with a Canadian Paralympic Snowboarder
  • With an independent musician from Guatemala shooting in Inglewood and Canmore.
  • In a hockey rink with the Canadian Sledge Hockey team.
  • On the Canmore Nordic Centre track in the middle of the night.
  • In a nice warm office filming a fun parody corporate video.

I’ve watched an AD pull a dolly on ice skate with the grace of Elizabeth Manley (You remember who she is.. don’t pretend!), saw a RED Camera get bolted to a paddle to be used as a sling arm, I was told how it is possible to put a GoPro in a Pizza Oven, I worked with a pair of mexican theatre actor brothers and a pirate.

My water cooler is a craft services table on the side of the hockey rink, my TPS reports are bogeys walking into the shot and my pieces of flair are the set radio that I automatically get assigned when I get on set, plus batteries and call sheets.

My start time is earlier than yours, my quitting time is later than yours and sometimes I don’t even get to go home… but I wouldn’t want to do anything else in this world. I run late to meet with friends because I’m rendering and uploading, my notepad is full of ideas and my Pinterest is a look book for stupid ideas. I don’t have any games on my iPhone but I have 10 different video making apps on it. I have a slate on my ipad.

If any of this applies to you, know that you aren’t alone. If you’re out there making film, shooting videos and doing what you love, hang in there, just keep at it.

Sometimes you get to capture something beautiful..

Slamberta 2011 post wrap-up.

Slamberta 2011 was a incredible night of music video and shorts. Dramatic, comedy, period pieces and music videos, shot in HD, 8mm and more. The wide range of talent, perspective and vision is but a sample of the unique storytellers that live in Alberta.

The lineup, as the night went on was:

Blue Eyed Boy – Todd Kipp and Marc Vandergraff

Matt Andersen’s Fired Up – Troy Niemans

The Family Journal – Cole Pollack

CGY / Day Job – Luke Black

Defensive Aggressive – James Recksiedler

The Sophomore Jakes’ Mischief!!! Mischief!!! – Marcus Rideout

Who ElseHangarcatfilms

I want to thank the filmmakers for providing the content for me, for attending and being an important part of the indie film scene in Calgary and by proxy, Alberta. I want to thank the people who attended for supporting local film, independent Film and personally, for supporting creative types such as myself who are in constant need of validation and praise, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Big shout out to Melrose Cafe and Bar, for the great venue, excellent setup, video and sound. The staff was incredible, they took real good care of me, solved all my technical issues and turned a potential blow out into a great evening of film. Big thanks to Steve personally.

It was a great time, and will definitely evaluate the successes of the event, and will look forward to Slamberta 2012.

Thank you.

Sebastian A. Salazar

Organizer, Curator and Rabble-Rouser.