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Jenavive – Thug Boy Live at the U of C Gig Club

Had the chance to shoot a live performance of local band Jenavive at the BSD Rock Up at the UofC’s That Empty Space. The lighting guy there was pretty awesome.


If you’re in a band or a solo artist and you’re interested in capturing your live performances or shooting your music video, hit me up on my contact page and get some more info.

SMBYYC #32 – Exploring Digital Storytelling

Exploring Digital Storytelling
The Calgary Social Media Breakfast (SMBYYC) is pleased to host a panel of film industry experts, who will discuss the challenges of digital storytelling. With the “Calgary International Film Festival” starting this week, we are pleased to have participation from industry experts to discuss challenges and answer audience questions.
Post discussion, the panel will answer audience questions in an interactive Q&A.

Slamberta – Best of Alberta Shorts 2011

I’m calling for local filmmakers (local being A: Calgary specifically or B: from
anywhere in Alberta) to submit their work for a showcase at Melrose Cafe
and Bar. There may or may not be prizes. Basically I’m opening it up to
anyone who submitted work to the Calgary International Film Festival
this year and didn’t get in. This is an opportunity to screen it during
the days of the festival at venue downtown, to crowds who might want to
see more films. This event is in no way associated with CIFF or
Slamdance, if anything it takes its spirit from the origins of Slamdance.

Type: Short film and music video
Length: no more than 15 minutes.
Format: preferable in MP4 format, in order to make a DVD, this is how
Melrose can show it on their screens.

I’d love to get a couple of short films and a few music videos to fill
up the evening.

Location: Melrose Cafe and Bar
Date and time: Oct 2nd, 7pm.

Facebook Event invite:

Twitter Invite:

If you have any questions, please contact me.




Hangarcat Films is proud to be part of YYC4SlaveLake.

YYC4SlaveLake is the name of a Tweetup fundraiser, in support of the residents of Slave Lake, Alberta, who lost their homes in the May 2011 wildfires.

One-third of the town, including Town Hall and the police station, has been destroyed and many of Slave Lake’s 7,000 residents remain housed in emergency shelters in Athabasca, High Prairie and Edmonton.

Calgary’s Twitter community will gather at Melrose Cafe and Bar on Wednesday, June 29, starting at 6 p.m.

We will be featuring a silent auction, a raffle draw and door prizes while we have entertainment and YYC Tweeters join together to assist our fellow Albertans.

All proceeds will go to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fires Response.

The money raised will help provide short-term assistance to affected families, including food, shelter, hygiene supplies and other essentials. In the long-term, the Red Cross will help the families rebuild their lives.

Hangarcat Films will be broadcasting the event live via Ustream, the link is here.

You can also view it through Facebook here. Click on the Ustream tab.