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My Path 2 Pro for Foothills FC

Really proud of this. In collaboration with My brother Simon (of Canada Footy News), we made this short video for Foothills FC  U23. It’s called Path 2 Pro and it highlights one of their players, Darius Ramsay. This is where Professional Men’s soccer begins in Calgary, at this level. I’m privileged to be able to work with a local team, at the grassroots level making films, talking soccer and working with my brother, it doesn’t get any better than this. Check it out!! #Path2Pro

Vlog_06 | Love what you do…



In which I tell you about my love for film, a bit of BTS on an indie film shoot and I am interviewed about working in the industry.

Septembryo – Sleep VS Dream (from the Dreambuilder EP)

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A week in Production..

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The past week has been a flurry of activity. Being in video production has taken me to many interesting places.. You can’t say the job is boring. This is but a brief recap of what and who I’ve had the chance to work with:

  • In Lake Louise with a Canadian Paralympic Snowboarder
  • With an independent musician from Guatemala shooting in Inglewood and Canmore.
  • In a hockey rink with the Canadian Sledge Hockey team.
  • On the Canmore Nordic Centre track in the middle of the night.
  • In a nice warm office filming a fun parody corporate video.

I’ve watched an AD pull a dolly on ice skate with the grace of Elizabeth Manley (You remember who she is.. don’t pretend!), saw a RED Camera get bolted to a paddle to be used as a sling arm, I was told how it is possible to put a GoPro in a Pizza Oven, I worked with a pair of mexican theatre actor brothers and a pirate.

My water cooler is a craft services table on the side of the hockey rink, my TPS reports are bogeys walking into the shot and my pieces of flair are the set radio that I automatically get assigned when I get on set, plus batteries and call sheets.

My start time is earlier than yours, my quitting time is later than yours and sometimes I don’t even get to go home… but I wouldn’t want to do anything else in this world. I run late to meet with friends because I’m rendering and uploading, my notepad is full of ideas and my Pinterest is a look book for stupid ideas. I don’t have any games on my iPhone but I have 10 different video making apps on it. I have a slate on my ipad.

If any of this applies to you, know that you aren’t alone. If you’re out there making film, shooting videos and doing what you love, hang in there, just keep at it.

Sometimes you get to capture something beautiful..

SMBYYC #32 – Exploring Digital Storytelling

Exploring Digital Storytelling
The Calgary Social Media Breakfast (SMBYYC) is pleased to host a panel of film industry experts, who will discuss the challenges of digital storytelling. With the “Calgary International Film Festival” starting this week, we are pleased to have participation from industry experts to discuss challenges and answer audience questions.
Post discussion, the panel will answer audience questions in an interactive Q&A.